Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visitor V

Wieder lieg ich auf der Lauer
Denn wir spielen unser Spiel
Wieder wart ich an der Mauer
Wieder steh ich kurz vorm Ziel
Und ich höre deinen Atem
Und ich rieche deine Angst
Ich kann nicht mehr länger warten
Denn ich weiß was du verlangst
Eckstein, Eckstein
Alles muss versteckt sein
Augen auf - ich komme!
Aufgepasst - ich komme!
Zeig dich nicht!
Ständig ruf ich deinen Namen
Ständig such ich dein Gesicht
Wenn ich dich dann endlich habe
Spielen wir Wahrheit oder Pflicht
Augen auf - ich komme!
Aufgepasst - ich komme!
Zeig dich nicht!
Eins zwei drei vier Eckstein
Alles muss versteckt sein

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visitor IV

I thought it would work. Maybe it did for a few days or weeks, I cannot determine how long. But it no longer does. For some time he stopped tapping. The crows watched, waiting to see what he would do.
I tried.
I tried Andreas's advice. The effects have been bitter, I can almost hear them laughing at me. Their cawing, His tapping, it has only grown louder. The mask did nothing, the disease has set in too much. Even a blind man knows his room. He knew me too well. They watched.
I do not know what I did. The crows may have seen me without the mask. But He grew dissatisfied. The tapping became a stabbing, a carving. It invaded my nightmares. He did not enter my room, but instead left his weapons behind. Glass shards pierced through my door, no longer a five but now an abstract nothing. Only the glass was not glass. It was a shard from the mirror in my bathroom. I have made Him angry, made myself believe I could trick Him. And it is only a matter of time now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visitor III

I do not know how much sleep I have been losing the last few weeks, He is still there, still awaiting me to come and visit Him during the night. I do not know how I have lasted this long, but I do not think I will last much longer. The crows have started to become bored with this waiting game, and whether or not they will decide to leave I cannot say. My thoughts only seem to focus around the nightly sounds of His tapping, his knocking at my door. As for any other messages...there have been none.
I have become so very paranoid..I have been checking the locks on all the doors, all the windows, and how He enters and disturbs my sleep I cannot say. Maybe I will have to figure it out, if I can last long enough to do so. If I do not, maybe someone else will answer it.
For now, this 'someone else' seems to be Andreas. By some miracle-or curse-he has contacted me and set up some sort of blog of his own. I wish he would not have gotten involved, or, if he had, he had gotten involved sooner and maybe have been of more use than now.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Visitor II

The tapping has changed tone the last few days; He no longer is simply trying to get my attention. He has been scratching into the door, creating some god awful sound that is much worse than any termite or mouse.
And today when I woke up, there was a 5 carved into the grain of the door.
It was a new appearance, I did not notice damage to the door before now. He is toying with my mind, wanting me to forget and deny things existing. Wants me to deny the fact Alice is not responding not because she does not want to, but because she cannot. He wants to give me time to make a 'wise' decision, perhaps He believes I will go calmly. I would rather stay and starve than run to Him, I am not a schizophrenic whose mind welcomes such intervention. I studied the mind, I know how it works. Simple scare tactics and torture will not make me run to him for safety. No amount of Stockholm Syndrome will make me do such a thing.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I was unsure of it, but I know now. There is someone inside my house. Each night they humor themselves with tapping, ever so slightly, on my bedroom door. I don't dare look out and see who it is...I know who it is.
I was hoping He'd lose interest, or that Alice would somehow convince Him otherwise. But He is patient. I can't leave and go outside; the crows still remind me they are watching, they caw in their enormous flocks-their murders-and wait for me to appear.

I will try to wait Him out, for now. I can only hope His patience does not wear thin.

...As for Alice, I don't see why I wait for her to do anything. She has been silent since her last post and has left no way for me to contact her. Perhaps she's found her way into some schizophrenic stupor and gotten herself killed.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Locked In

I haven't paid attention to the dates, all the holidays passed without my notice. I've lost contact with any family and lost hope with finding Robbie. I don't care where he is. I tried to clear my mind, tried to tell myself that this badness would pass. I decided to take a walk around the town, telling myself that everything could be logically explained. But as I walked..the birds. The crows, the damned crows began to perch themselves on the houses and telephones wires. They sat wherever they chose and followed me. I made my way safely back home, but I hear them migrating outside. They've been cawing for hours nonstop, it won't be long until they start to try to get inside. I'll have to clean them off my windows, but it is apparent it won't be long now..I can't get outside. I hate birds, how I ever liked them in the first place remains a mystery to me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Robbie hasn't returned.
No notes, no phone calls, he's moved on. His old residence is abandoned, I have no other contacts for him. I know he left..I know he hasn't been...been....hurt. He took his puppets, all of them, before leaving.
I can't say I blame him for leaving..he is probably terrified of what he saw. Even I still..still don't know..
But I'm alone now. I doubt anything Alice has posted recently is of any help to me. I doubt everything, now. I'm too afraid to go outside anymore. To afraid to walk past the mirrors, too afraid I might see Him. Or whatever He is. Too afraid that I may again wake up covered in blood, only I will dying.
Still..there has been no sign of Him since then. Perhaps he is happy with the prize he took last time, perhaps he is happy with the dreams I have that consist of nothing more than crying. Endless wails of a child..a baby.
I wish I could run away, like Robbie did.
But I know there's no where I can run.