Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wiped Away

The things I discovered in Pennsylvania had opened more answers than questions. Robbie and I arrived in Pennsylvania late Monday, and headed to the area of town on Tuesday. Everything was gone; the houses were obliterated. They were crushed to tiny pieces, some of them even showed signs of being on fire. There was no one around, no one with Robbie and myself, no survivors. The whole community was exterminated by this storm. I wanted to find my relatives' bodies, but Robbie wouldn't let me. He insisted that everything was okay, and that we should go back home. I should have known better than to bring him, he's not used to such tragedies and perhaps seeing everything traumatized him. Maybe he was even sent into a state of shock, I was unable to convince him to look further into what had happened. I don't know if any other surrounding areas were affected, or if there were any survivors. I don't know what happened to anyone, and the more I try to search up the storm, the less information there is to be found.

Therefore, I have come to a conclusion, upon my return home, that everyone seems to be in denial; they are ignoring that this neighborhood was wiped off the face of the earth by some force. Even Robbie may be lying, maybe they all cannot accept the loss of so many lives from an extraordinary source. Or, it could be much worse. They could all be slowly turning against me, lying to me on purpose. I shouldn't jump to such conclusions, there is no reason for Robbie to turn against me. There couldn't be...even though I once believed the same with Alice. Maybe there is no one I can trust.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been focused on other things since my last entry, trying to do anything at all to both make sense of what has been going on or to ignore them. I had been doing well with the exception of the lingering nausea that has been following me. However I received some terrible news about my relatives in Pennsylvania. A storm had come far enough inland to obliterate not just their houses, but the whole neighborhood and surrounding area. Trees were uprooted, houses crushed, and power lines knocked over. I don't know what has happened to my relatives, and I haven't been able to contact any of my family in order to know what to do. I have decided then to go to Pennsylvania by plane, and for the moment to abandon my studies. I have to bring Robbie along with me on this trip, I feel bad to take him away from his puppets, but it feels so terrible to alone. I have no one else to rely on now. Alice refuses to do anything except sit back and laugh at my attempts to contact her. She lets me toy around in whatever she sets up for me without offering any explanation. I am starting to hate her.