Thursday, September 30, 2010


He's. He's just gone.
Brian is gone.

I'm crying so hard right now, but I have to explain.

It was sunny out today, and as I said on Tuesday, Brian was looking forward to recess. The children were let out with one of the permanent staff to watch them, while I stayed indoors and cleaned up. When they came back, I waited eagerly for Brian to come and tell me what a good time he had. But he didn't come back.
I asked the children, and the one who watched them. Not only had they not seen Brian, but they acted like 'Brian' had never existed. I checked with the other staff, they remembered him, but could not find him. We keep files on each of the children so we know basic details about them, but not even a file existed for him.

The police were called, and an investigation will be held. We're all suspects, but I was told to go home early because of how broken up I was. If this gets too much out of hand the day-care might be closed down for further investigation. And who knows where it will go from there.
But..I..I just don't understand. Why would someone kidnap Brian, with so many witnesses? In broad daylight? Brian wasn't an idiot, he wouldn't run to a stranger. do they not remember him?

I need to go lay down, or talk to Roc..I..just don't know what to do.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Sudden Calm

Brian has showed improvement over the last two days. He hasn't been drawing the pictures as often, and neither has he been drawing them with the same urgency. I've not mentioned the dream, pictures, the faceless man, or tailor to him because I fear a relapse.

It was raining today so the children didn't get to play outside. Brian had been ignoring this recess, I think I neglected to mention this. He was very sad about it raining, he told me he wants to go out in play on Thursday. I'm so glad everything is blowing over, maybe things will go back to normal? For his sake, I hope so.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brian's Art

I was able to get some pictures off of Brian, even one he made for me. I wasn't allowed to post ones that had his name on, so I only took the ones I was allowed to have. They are strange, and very disturbing for me. I hope he gets through his nightmares.

 This was the first one he did; he made many of these over and over again. Same symbol, same colors. He was very urgent about them, and nearly screamed when he showed them to me, telling me they were important. How, I do not know. However, I recognize this symbol from the snake hallucination Alice had about a month ago.

 He drew this when I asked him to show me what the Tailor looked like in his dream. I asked him to draw a face, or some hair on him but Brian seemed set on him remaining faceless. He added the blood in last, I'm not sure if it was a mistake on his part or not, but its definitely like the dream he told me about.

Lastly, is this. It seems even though the nightmare scared him, he was still able to draw some birds for me. Apparently my love of birds rubs off on others. They are rather cute, aren't they?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lights Out

I'm on here so early because both my classes and my job were canceled today. A nasty storm hit, and knocked out the power at my house, the school, and the day care. I was sent home early from work only to come home to a darkened house with a storm raging. I checked on Roc and found her to be very joyful even with the storm raging. The power came back around 2 am last night, and I got calls from the school and work saying not to come in. When I looked outside, it was mysteriously foggy (more so then I've ever seen after a storm like that), which faded around lunchtime.

Oh, I should also note, in the little time I was at work yesterday was strange. Brian was there, but I didn't have much time to talk to him or see why he was there on a Wednesday. He seemed to be coloring, I'll have to ask him what he was coloring tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Life has been normal for the most part, it's been uninteresting even in terms of Bird Watching. However, today something rather disturbing was brought to my attention by Brian. He told me that he had a bad dream last night, and the night before last night. I know this is usual for children, but it is what he told me the dream was about. He said, "a tall tailor with scissors for hands." It's not hard to figure out where his brain dug this nightmare up from. I then asked him what the tailor did in his dreams, thinking it had to do with the poem.

Instead, he told me that the tailor did nothing to him. The dream he had two nights ago was simply him looking out a window at the tailor, and last night it was the same only this time the tailor was closer. He was very shaken by telling me this, and even started crying. Of course, I felt very guilty as it's my doing he knew the poem anyway. When his parents came to get him, I explained to them about the dream after some difficulty and they blew me off. I'm very concerned for Brian, even though I know it's simply a dream that comes with childhood I couldn't help but beat myself up about it.

What was such a story doing in a day care, anyway?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleepwalking Research (Somnambulism)

Although I don't think my normal studies go deeply into the realms of sleepwalking (also known as Somnambulism), I found some time over the last few days to do some research for the benefit of Alice. I wasn't able to find many exact descriptions of what one does while sleepwalking, but I have found three key facts which may or may not lead to an answer.

1.) Sleepwalking is thought to be genetic; if your parents sleepwalked then it is likely you would as well.

2.) It is also linked to various disorders; I wasn't able to find Schizophrenia among them but it's very possible that the disorder was a link in the chain. It may have even strengthened it.

3.) People who sleepwalk do not usually remember it. Which explains just why one wouldn't remember writing the Morse Code down, and even more so the actions done while sleepwalking are said to be rather odd. I'm sure this varies amongst the people, and the person who spends less time outside will have less episodes of going outside than a person who does spend a lot of time outside.

Before I simply leave this off there, I decided to go a little bit into the odder realms of dreams. I wanted to find a meaning to the Morse Code being written. I don't normally trust this stuff, but maybe your memory will be jogged, right Alice? It certainty couldn't hurt to post some explanations of what the dream may have been, and will at least  give a good laugh.

Trees: I found various things on specific trees, but I took it to mean a generic tree. Like a forest, so I followed a generic description. It was, among other things; new hopes, desires, dreams, knowledge, protection, and stability. As a side note, as I think it's worth mentioning, if there were crows in the trees, it represents death. Such a grim outlook on a beautiful bird, another reason why I really can't take these things seriously.

Morse Code: It seems that something in your dream while you sleep walked showed that you had to express something. Or something was hidden, and you had to quickly figure it out. I admit this doesn't fit with the trees, and as I can't look up 'SEEYOU', I'm not sure what to make of the Morse Code other than it being a side effect of your sleepwalking.

Eyes: I had trouble trying to find ones for Eyes, as it's the closest I can come to 'SEEYOU'. Everything I found was about the eyes being closed, but since they were obviously open, I'm going to put down the opposite of what it says. It means to accept the truth of something, which in a way conflicts with the Morse Code altogether.

It's.........interesting. I don't remember the source sites, but I used at least three of them, they all basically told the same things.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing to Report

I didn't do much today at work, Brian wasn't there today as it seems he doesn't come on Wednesdays. I'll update these on days something interesting happens; until then just assume it was a normal, natural day. I'm not as tired as I've been the last few days, at least.