Monday, August 29, 2011

Finding Connections

I called some of my old family relatives who live in Western Pennsylvania. I felt the need to contact them, even though I have not spoke to them for years. I was unable to stay focused on any of the normal subjects, I grew bored with anything they brought up. They must have sensed my disinterest, as they asked me what was wrong. Without thinking I began to ask them about the strange symbol that has been appearing recently; the circle with the bird shaped object within it. They said that they saw the symbol once, carved on a tree near where 'Charlie No Face''s ghost often appeared. After mentioning him, they began to tell how stories about him had begun to resurface, and how he has appeared more often in the past year.
I knew that name; Alice had mentioned him before, and to think both the symbol, Charlie, and The Tall Man might be related is easy enough to guess. How or why they are related I can't say at the moment. I haven't been feeling very good as of late, and school has only divided my time between studying and feeling nauseous most of the day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I received an e-mail from Alice today, the first one in months. I was hoping maybe her e-mail would be something important, as it was titled 'Answer'. The only answer I got, however, was this image;
The text next to the fish is a poem. When I held it up to a mirror, it read as:
'Silly little miss Mary,
Took a load she can't carry
Up, up the crooked, uncanny hill,
Tumbling down, down-would not,
could not be still!
Into the forest she swirled,
Over a stone, down, down a steep slope,
over a thing of steel-
Right into the water, she hurled!
Oh, no fish to reel!'

It seems to be about me, obviously. I do not know what it means really, although it is some sort of..warning. I do not understand the significance of the fish, of what it means..and that symbol. I know I have seen that symbol before, both in things I have posted, and in things Alice has posted. I don't know what Alice is trying to tell me except that it can't be very good. Perhaps she continues to relate this somehow to that Slenderman, and part of me wishes to believe her.

Monday, August 1, 2011


The past few days I have been trying to recover from..from whatever it was that occurred last week. I was able to have the burns treated at the hospital even though I could provide no reason as to how they occurred. The doctors had no idea either; they could not speculate on what caused the burns, and I refused to let them involve the police. Nothing they had done in the past was of any help, and I doubt even with their support would anything be discovered. I have made a good enough recovery in order to walk, but my legs still shake and collapse occasionally. As for what I saw in, shall I call it-I can make no comment. It is obvious what happened to Brian happened to the children, but otherwise..I am lost.

I can only guess that the number five had something to do with the fifth building, but what the importance of the number was I am unsure. I cannot think of the experience as doing so only reminds me of the horrible images of the children, and a feeling of dread spreads over me. It will be impossible to forget the things I saw-it causes me so much pain to think back on it. Robbie has been trying to keep me calm, and to soothe the remnants of the pain in my legs. I am thankful I can at least talk to him, if Alice refuses to speak.