Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visitor III

I do not know how much sleep I have been losing the last few weeks, He is still there, still awaiting me to come and visit Him during the night. I do not know how I have lasted this long, but I do not think I will last much longer. The crows have started to become bored with this waiting game, and whether or not they will decide to leave I cannot say. My thoughts only seem to focus around the nightly sounds of His tapping, his knocking at my door. As for any other messages...there have been none.
I have become so very paranoid..I have been checking the locks on all the doors, all the windows, and how He enters and disturbs my sleep I cannot say. Maybe I will have to figure it out, if I can last long enough to do so. If I do not, maybe someone else will answer it.
For now, this 'someone else' seems to be Andreas. By some miracle-or curse-he has contacted me and set up some sort of blog of his own. I wish he would not have gotten involved, or, if he had, he had gotten involved sooner and maybe have been of more use than now.