Thursday, February 24, 2011


I woke up today from a very strange dream. It has been a long time since I have had any dream at all, which is why I find it of interest. The dream itself was simple enough, I was standing in the middle of a road, and on either side of me were lines of telephone poles. Sitting crowded together on the wires of these poles were hundreds upon hundreds of birds, I think they may have been crows. I began to walk down the street, and as I did the birds began to watch me, their heads following wherever I went. I continued to walk down the street, when suddenly I came to the end, or at least I couldn't walk any further. I turned around, and watched as all of the crows on the wire suddenly began to melt off of the wires, becoming black pools.
The dream unsettled me greatly at first; I remember I spent the morning making sure Roc and Robbie were alright, which they were. I spent most of my day wondering about the dream, why I just suddenly had a dream about melting crows. I decided to look some things up about the dream, I doubt they mean much, but it can't hurt to try.

-Melting, although I couldn't find anything specific, means that I am trying to let go or release negative emotions over a situation.
-Crows, as can be expected, represent death.
-The dead end I reached on the road may mean I've come to the end of something, and that I need to move on and work on something else.
-The fact that the crows 'melt' or 'die' means that I'm trying to get over something, or am over it.
Looking over those 'facts' probably means that...I'm trying to let go of Brian's death and the pain it caused me, trying to forget about him. I think that's mostly accurate, if only by chance. It is strange, really, but I think I've greatly gotten over his death, especially since this dream. I don't remember thinking about him as I usually do at the day care. Maybe I have moved on.


  1. I don't tend to believe in conventional dream symbolism. This sounds weird and symbol-ridden though. I think the question to ask yourself is what you think it means.

    Nice blog by the way. Purple is my favorite color.

  2. Your explanation of the dream seems to make sense, although if I had been the one having a dream like that I would've interpreted it more negatively, I'm sure.

    But it's a good thing that you have moved on - or at least begun to. It takes time to recover from the loss of someone.

  3. @Jake Owen: Yes, I do take the meanings with a grain of salt, the dream could very well mean nothing and only be a dream. I find it amusing to just to see what the dreams could mean.
    And yes, purple is a very delightful color. :-)

    @Alice: I really am glad to be moving on about Brian's death, it will be a lot better for everyone if I do.