Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visitor III

I do not know how much sleep I have been losing the last few weeks, He is still there, still awaiting me to come and visit Him during the night. I do not know how I have lasted this long, but I do not think I will last much longer. The crows have started to become bored with this waiting game, and whether or not they will decide to leave I cannot say. My thoughts only seem to focus around the nightly sounds of His tapping, his knocking at my door. As for any other messages...there have been none.
I have become so very paranoid..I have been checking the locks on all the doors, all the windows, and how He enters and disturbs my sleep I cannot say. Maybe I will have to figure it out, if I can last long enough to do so. If I do not, maybe someone else will answer it.
For now, this 'someone else' seems to be Andreas. By some miracle-or curse-he has contacted me and set up some sort of blog of his own. I wish he would not have gotten involved, or, if he had, he had gotten involved sooner and maybe have been of more use than now.


  1. I wish I had been involved sooner, but sadly I had no idea about Alice's blog or anything related to it since quite recently.

    I don't know what to say to help you, and I have the feeling that you might not heed my words... but from what I have gathered it might be a good idea to be constantly on the move instead of being cooped up in your apartment, but then again that approach doesn't seem to be without its faults. The only other thing I can suggest is to try to find a mask, basically anything will do, and put it on you. I can't confirm whether or not this will help you... but it is worth a try.

    - Andreas

    1. You are too little too late. A mask cannot help me if He already knows. He knows there is no one else...and if He doesn't, the remaining crows will tell Him. He is not so easily tricked. Not with the crows. Not with all of them constantly watching.