Thursday, September 16, 2010


Life has been normal for the most part, it's been uninteresting even in terms of Bird Watching. However, today something rather disturbing was brought to my attention by Brian. He told me that he had a bad dream last night, and the night before last night. I know this is usual for children, but it is what he told me the dream was about. He said, "a tall tailor with scissors for hands." It's not hard to figure out where his brain dug this nightmare up from. I then asked him what the tailor did in his dreams, thinking it had to do with the poem.

Instead, he told me that the tailor did nothing to him. The dream he had two nights ago was simply him looking out a window at the tailor, and last night it was the same only this time the tailor was closer. He was very shaken by telling me this, and even started crying. Of course, I felt very guilty as it's my doing he knew the poem anyway. When his parents came to get him, I explained to them about the dream after some difficulty and they blew me off. I'm very concerned for Brian, even though I know it's simply a dream that comes with childhood I couldn't help but beat myself up about it.

What was such a story doing in a day care, anyway?


  1. Scissors for hands you say? That's pretty disturbing...

    It is an rather obscure story for this day and age I guess, where everyone gets hysterical as soon as there is even the slightest mention/glimpse of blood in books/films for children.

    But there's a reason as to why I'm feeling a bit... surprised... at reading this. I will post an entry about it tomorrow, as I'm way too tired right now.

    I'm about to fall asleep on top of my keyboard at any moment.

  2. Yes, I know that very well, Perhaps there was a reason that book was so untouched when I read it..I feel so guilty over the whole thing.

    Oh..? I'm so sorry to hear that, get some rest then. I hope you feel better with whatever it was, it shall be better tomorrow.

  3. I don't think you should feel guilty, really... you're only one of the reasons as to why he's getting these "nightmares". You mentioned that he knew about this scissorman before you read the story for him and the other kids, so don't beat yourself up too much...

  4. Yes, I realize that. It still troubles me that I may be partly responsible, but I understand as you said, that he know about the Scissorman before. Maybe the other staff meant his 'oddness' was in these dreams of his.

  5. He's interested in Brian. No surprise that Brian disappeared. He always takes those He's interested in. Though he sometimes waits a while before he takes them.