Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not the Same

It's been ten days since I started going back to work, and even with Robbie with me I find it hard to enjoy the job like I used to. The children are still friendly with me, but I just can't be the same with them. No one questions what happened to Brian, and none of them act strange around me. I just can't try to get close to any of them again, I'm afraid if I do they'll just end up dead like's a terrible feeling. Robbie's been putting on puppet shows almost weekly at the daycare, I think it's mainly to keep me happy or distracted. I dread that the other employees will start to realize how unenthusiastic I am and ask me to resign. is better to have me working than to have me moping around the house all day, I think.  Maybe I'll try to go research something tomorrow, and maybe Robbie will come with me.

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