Friday, April 1, 2011


Since meeting Alice, I have been focusing mainly on Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders. Recently though, I've humored myself with looking up various other disorders. I found out another disorder may be a possibility in her condition-Psychopathy.

Before I go much further, I would like to point out that none of this is definitive. I can't conduct, nor prove anything about anyone's condition without being there in person-and certainly not without more education in the subject. Worth mentioning also, is that Psychopathy is often used or confused with Antisocial Personality Disorder, but the two are not exactly the same. I will be focusing only on the symptoms, and comparing them with Alice's personality.

Need of Stimulation/Prone to Boredom- Perhaps not totally true, but hasn't she written in the past how boring and dull everything is?
Shallow Emotional Response- Not responding or interpreting the emotions around her easily.
Manipulative- That 'joke' with the bird skeleton; trying to act like the skeleton was that of Roc. Manipulating the thoughts and emotions of myself.
Parasitic Lifestyle- Her inability, almost, to survive during the few days I was gone. To feed off my support.
Lack of Long Term Goals- I do not think Alice has any goals in mind.
Poor Behavioral Controls- As seen in some of her journal entries.
Lack of Empathy- Again illustrated with the bird skeleton, but also with her reaction to me losing my job.
Impulsive- I believe she thinks or acts without much, if any, planning.
Failure to Accept Responsibility for Own Actions- Perhaps not totally true, but she has not accepted or asked for forgiveness of all of her actions.

Not all of Alice's doings and reactions are psychopathic, and many other of the symptoms of psychopathy do not fit Alice exactly. I do not say she is just a psychopath, but I must point out the possibility she may be both schizophrenic and psychopathic. The correlation is not accepted as common, but that does not mean it can't exist.


  1. ... Really, Mary. Really.

    The bird skeleton was no joke. I know it's far-fetched to think that it was Roc, but the way it was placed - like it wanted to be found - and the fact that this happened while you were gone... is it really so strange for me to connect the skeleton to Roc's disappearance? The fact that I was constantly worrying about you at the time made it easy for me to see such patterns. Why won't you, the psychologist, realise this?

    How nice of you to call me a parasite when all I did was to worry about you. The way I acted back then... might have been pitiful in the least, but you have no idea what turmoil my mind was in at the time.

    What do you want me to do? How many times have I got to apologise before you're satisfied?

    I'm sorry Mary, I truly am.

  2. Perhaps it wasn't so out of the ordinary for you to believe the skeleton was Roc, but why would a decapitated skeleton find itself out in the open? The chances are very unlikely, and it is only logical for me to suspect you had placed the skeleton there in the first place.

    There is a thin line between worrying over my whereabouts and simply losing your mind (more than you have already done). You've pushed past that line, you are much worse than pitiful.

    I wish I could try to forgive you.

  3. Umm.. Mary? You forgot another possiblity, someone ELSE put it there to freak out whoever finds it. And also, where does Alice live?

  4. @EmptyEyes: ...Who on earth would put a bird skeleton out in the middle of a forest besides Alice? I doubt she would somehow assemble a group of Swedes together just to do that, in fact I doubt she even has the ability to do so.

  5. Some people think it's funny to give someone a really bad scare.... ~Rose