Friday, April 8, 2011

Utter Silence

Since being fired from my job at the day care, the birds have stayed silent. Usually by this time of year they start uttering those ghastly words all hours of the morning, evening, and whenever they get a chance. Instead, the mornings only welcome me with a fog that lasts until my classes end. I once thought that their 'singing' was calming, but I do not know why I did. If anything is worse than their singing, however, it has to be their muteness. Everything seems so dead without their ludicrous songs, even Robbie (who never notices anything) has agreed with me. It is hard to sleep knowing I won't get such a wonderful wake up call from them in the morning.


  1. Okay, now I KNOW something is scaring the birds off... And I DOUBT it's a cat!

  2. hey mary, i have a question about dreams. is it possible to somehow bring something back with you?

  3. @Kevin: Bring something back? Like an item? I doubt it's possible.