Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bit of a Distraction

I have been quiet here mainly because Robbie is feeling ill. He has been coughing almost continually, along with a horrible headache. It doesn't seem to be much worse than an allergic reaction due to the season, but it still has been taking up my time. He's extremely fatigued because of the coughing, and so I have not been able to focus on trying to go into the forest. Alice's picture posting, however, still stays on my mind. Her e-mails are very unresponsive, almost like she's simply waiting for me to see some second meaning to her image. All I hope is that she's not taking everything too far. Her state of mind has not become better since her discovery of that entry, and I fear that she is simply taking it to drastic measures due to her hallucinations. As for trying to go into the forest, I won't bring it up again to Robbie until he's feeling a little better. Hopefully he will be well in a few days, and he will be more up to the idea.


  1. My Friend is watching you. He's watching Alice, too.

  2. okasy.. this is getting weird...I will avoid commenting until i read the latest entries.