Thursday, December 15, 2011


Robbie hasn't returned.
No notes, no phone calls, he's moved on. His old residence is abandoned, I have no other contacts for him. I know he left..I know he hasn't been...been....hurt. He took his puppets, all of them, before leaving.
I can't say I blame him for leaving..he is probably terrified of what he saw. Even I still..still don't know..
But I'm alone now. I doubt anything Alice has posted recently is of any help to me. I doubt everything, now. I'm too afraid to go outside anymore. To afraid to walk past the mirrors, too afraid I might see Him. Or whatever He is. Too afraid that I may again wake up covered in blood, only I will dying.
Still..there has been no sign of Him since then. Perhaps he is happy with the prize he took last time, perhaps he is happy with the dreams I have that consist of nothing more than crying. Endless wails of a child..a baby.
I wish I could run away, like Robbie did.
But I know there's no where I can run.

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