Saturday, December 31, 2011

Locked In

I haven't paid attention to the dates, all the holidays passed without my notice. I've lost contact with any family and lost hope with finding Robbie. I don't care where he is. I tried to clear my mind, tried to tell myself that this badness would pass. I decided to take a walk around the town, telling myself that everything could be logically explained. But as I walked..the birds. The crows, the damned crows began to perch themselves on the houses and telephones wires. They sat wherever they chose and followed me. I made my way safely back home, but I hear them migrating outside. They've been cawing for hours nonstop, it won't be long until they start to try to get inside. I'll have to clean them off my windows, but it is apparent it won't be long now..I can't get outside. I hate birds, how I ever liked them in the first place remains a mystery to me.

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