Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day

I'm quite worn out from the first day. Not that much happened, I got a tour of the place (as much as a tour can be, it's a six room building with a small attic and half-finished basement, along with a playground outside), along with some information on the children that go there. I'm going to change their names for their privacy's sake, as I bet you can guess I'm going to talk about them.

One child in particular, Brian, was said to be different than the others as the guide told me. He's 7, and is quite bright but they just say something is "wrong" with him. I'm not sure what to expect as I won't be able to meet or interact with any of the kids until tomorrow. If it is what I think it is, he probably has some 'morbid' outlook on the world, or some disorder that isn't natural in a child his age. I think I'm a little too excited to meet him and see what exactly is wrong with him. I do know he is a human, and I'm not going to treat him as some sort of experiment (although it will seem that way dlks bad habit of mine).

The children, after being told I was going to be working there voted on what I was to do with them. There's about ten of them in the group that will be there when I work, and they decided I should read to them. I'll look forward to that tomorrow.

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  1. Well, sounds like it was enjoyable even though it wore you out. It seems like a job that will give you some much needed experience, no?

    I think when you work as a teacher, you will almost always have at least one child that is a bit "special", in one way or another. Needless to say, I was one of those. I know you think it's exciting and all to study those oddballs, but don't get too carried away lol.