Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let's Start This

 I finally was able to convince Alice to create a blog along with me. She doesn't see its use yet, but these things are very well-intended both for her health and the health of others like her. I will be also posting updates on my life that I figure will be of interest, my life is not busy or exciting but I do have many adventures when it comes to my hobby of bird watching. The birds around where I live are curious creatures, not like other birds I've seen.

As for Alice, because of her schizophrenia, I will be monitoring her posts as well as lending support as much as I can. She needs a friend or two, it would do her good. The information I receive from my friendship with her will help me in my studies, and possibly even others like her. I'm sorry if I sound too cold in this, we really are friends, in spite of what Alice might imply.


  1. Others like her? Well, that's one way of putting it... Oh, did you spot that goldfinch today? I've never seen them over here but I googled for images and they're pretty. You must post photographs sometime. I COMMAND IT!

    Monitoring... you make it sound so serious, lol.

  2. Well, who knows? I'm sure there's plenty of others like you who will benefit from this. I did see a goldfinch today, but it didn't stay long enough for me to take a picture. They're becoming harder to spot even though they stand out in the trees and bushes. I will! As soon as I can!

    Well, it's better than it being treated like it is total nonsense, right? xD