Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Researching Day Two

Today I decided to look up something a little different. I looked up birds, but to be more specific, Paranormal Birds or Mythological Birds. I don't know what I was looking for, really, but I'd thought I'd share some things.

Before I knew what I was really looking for, I found a story about a bird called, Mareli Chidiya, or 'Death Bird' that inhabits India and Indian Lore. According to the story, the bird is a mixture of an eagle and vulture, and is a normal bird in all other aspects. In fact, it hardly ever makes a sound except for on certain occasions. When it does screech it signals death, and that anyone who hears it will either die or someone near will die. The article wasn't exact on who dies, as more then one person heard the screech and not all of them died.
I also found an article relating to ghost birds. I wasn't in favor of reading the whole story, but it related to a boy seeing a pet bird around the house whom had died weeks before.

After looking up those stories, I decided to look up Roc's namesake; a roc, of course. I didn't find much of any interest on Rocs other than them being great, big birds. However, I did find a few stories on a Thunder Bird, one such story being in the book 'Pet Ghosts' by Joshua Warren. The Thunder Bird was said to be a very large creature, something like a pterodactyl. One story told of a group of the birds trying to take a boy, Marlon Lowe, but because he fought against being picked up that he was dropped. What I found disturbing, however, was another story that took place in 1890. As the story goes, men killed the Thunder Bird, and pictures were taken of it to be posted in the 'Tombstone Epitaph'. For some reason, though, the archives of the newspaper show no bird picture. People claimed to have seen the picture, but it seemed to have vanished. The only evidence of the article was about a dead bird being found with a 16 foot wingspan.

That's all I have to say, really. I plan on posting some pictures of Roc up soon, it's been raining here a lot so I haven't been able to even attempt bird watching, sadly.


  1. I love reading about mythology (though I rarely take the time to do that). The same thing goes about paranormal things too, even if I am a sceptic. It makes for some brief amusement, at the very least.

    I look forward to those pictures!

  2. Yes, I find it very interesting as well, I wonder why I never got around to looking these things up before.

    :-D Hopefully Roc will be just as enthused.