Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reseaching Day One

I'm going to post these in days because I bet I'll end up doing a lot of these in the future. I haven't been able to go back to work since the incident, as the police are very hush-hush about it all. I suspect they'll be calling me any day now, but that's besides the point. I've also not been going to class since the incident. In order to keep my mind off of anything that might make me think about it, I've been spending hours simply in the bookstore and library researching.

I decided to spent most of my day researching about hallucinations. A lot of the books were very, very vague on the subject, and internet text even more so. However, I was able to collect a few facts about the hallucinations. These came from various sources, both internet and text that I collected general notes on.

- Capgras syndrome which is common in those with schizophrenia causes the person afflicted to see a familiar person's 'replica' which looks similar to the familiar person.
- I also came upon Fr├ęgoli syndrome, which is the confusion of an individual as a familiar person in disguise.
- Hallucinations can start as simply as being shapes, faces, or torsos. As threatening as the Faceless man sounds..it sounds like something that could easily happen to anyone who hallucinated.
- There are also fairly basic Visual Hallucinations, which seem to include human, or human-like figures and is triggered by a false perception of sight. These hallucinations can also be very basic, or even take on forms of notable or religious figures, such as the devil.

The last thing I came about really caught my attention, it was mood triggering the hallucination. That a hallucination might be brought on being either following one's emotion (such as death, gloom, or general negative things), or not following one's emotion. Such has being in a happy mood triggering a not so happy hallucination.
As to be expected, I also checked out a few bird books to help me pass the time. I really miss bird watching, but it's getting colder and harder to find them out in the forest. I still plan to look for them though, the book really takes my mind off of everything.


  1. I believe you know more about my "condition" than I do myself. XD It is very interesting to read about, I say, and I've told you this before but you're doing a great job with this research. I look forward to reading more, as always. These facts makes me feel less threatened by the faceless man, if only a little.

    I hope you'll be able to do some bird watching soon despite the cold weather.

  2. Glad to be of some help, :-D! I really am, it really takes my mind off of things and I sort of get lost in the subject I'm researching (hence why I end up spending such a long time there). The fact I can do some good with all this going on is just great.