Saturday, October 16, 2010

School Work

I missed more then I thought I did when I was off that week from school. I've been spending more time on homework and school projects, so much so I haven't had much time to do anything. Not that it changes much, it has been horribly cold and rainy lately. Still, I've been growing more and more worried about Brian when I do have my free time (which is spent talking to Roc for the most part, she's a good listener even if she doesn't understand a word I say, lol). I haven't gotten any calls from police, or calls from the Day Care itself saying when or if it will reopen.

I'm beginning to think Brian's parents are keeping this all hush-hush, out of the newspaper and general media. Not that I can blame them, seeing as that would mean more questioning and more interviews, plus making those drawings of Brian's more public than they already are (so many of them I wasn't allowed to post as I said). I really hope they find something about his whereabouts soon.

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