Saturday, May 28, 2011

Concerning Alice

Alice's behavior is becoming increasingly alarming these last few days. As her posts have been showing, she has lapsed into talking only in third person, and I would like to note that she always stays in third person. Most of our contact is through e-mail, and even though she understands everything I write to her, she insists on staying in third person. This makes conversing with her increasingly difficult, as well as making sure she is not falling into any other harms. A first person account of something being wrong is a lot easier to understand than a vague retelling in third. I'm becoming very concerned, as staying in third person isn't healthy nor easy to maintain.

If Alice was joking, she would have made a slip up long ago, but instead she's locked in this way of talking. I have never heard of Schizophrenia causing this to happen, let alone many other mental illnesses in general. Something is wrong and I'm unable to come up with an answer in order to help my friend. Looking over both my posts and Alice's, I know very well I'm partly to blame for driving her into this madness. I know she understands what I'm writing here, so I'll say it; I'm sorry I acted like I did. Being unable to be in any closer contact with her other than through the internet makes it extremely hard for me to moderate what exactly is going on with her. The best I can do is wait and hope, but it is hard to wait and watch for any improvement.

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