Monday, August 29, 2011

Finding Connections

I called some of my old family relatives who live in Western Pennsylvania. I felt the need to contact them, even though I have not spoke to them for years. I was unable to stay focused on any of the normal subjects, I grew bored with anything they brought up. They must have sensed my disinterest, as they asked me what was wrong. Without thinking I began to ask them about the strange symbol that has been appearing recently; the circle with the bird shaped object within it. They said that they saw the symbol once, carved on a tree near where 'Charlie No Face''s ghost often appeared. After mentioning him, they began to tell how stories about him had begun to resurface, and how he has appeared more often in the past year.
I knew that name; Alice had mentioned him before, and to think both the symbol, Charlie, and The Tall Man might be related is easy enough to guess. How or why they are related I can't say at the moment. I haven't been feeling very good as of late, and school has only divided my time between studying and feeling nauseous most of the day.


  1. MAry:
    u dont know me, i dont know you, but i nned to talk you U_U

    i really need to speak with you, even when i haven't a perfect english :P

    i'm gonna be eternally grateful if you can contact me, i'm gonna pray for it if that's neccesary please, just please, i need to speak with you, tanks. really tanks.

  2. sorry i just missed a part, here is my mail please, please contact me D: