Saturday, August 13, 2011


I received an e-mail from Alice today, the first one in months. I was hoping maybe her e-mail would be something important, as it was titled 'Answer'. The only answer I got, however, was this image;
The text next to the fish is a poem. When I held it up to a mirror, it read as:
'Silly little miss Mary,
Took a load she can't carry
Up, up the crooked, uncanny hill,
Tumbling down, down-would not,
could not be still!
Into the forest she swirled,
Over a stone, down, down a steep slope,
over a thing of steel-
Right into the water, she hurled!
Oh, no fish to reel!'

It seems to be about me, obviously. I do not know what it means really, although it is some sort of..warning. I do not understand the significance of the fish, of what it means..and that symbol. I know I have seen that symbol before, both in things I have posted, and in things Alice has posted. I don't know what Alice is trying to tell me except that it can't be very good. Perhaps she continues to relate this somehow to that Slenderman, and part of me wishes to believe her.

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