Monday, August 1, 2011


The past few days I have been trying to recover from..from whatever it was that occurred last week. I was able to have the burns treated at the hospital even though I could provide no reason as to how they occurred. The doctors had no idea either; they could not speculate on what caused the burns, and I refused to let them involve the police. Nothing they had done in the past was of any help, and I doubt even with their support would anything be discovered. I have made a good enough recovery in order to walk, but my legs still shake and collapse occasionally. As for what I saw in, shall I call it-I can make no comment. It is obvious what happened to Brian happened to the children, but otherwise..I am lost.

I can only guess that the number five had something to do with the fifth building, but what the importance of the number was I am unsure. I cannot think of the experience as doing so only reminds me of the horrible images of the children, and a feeling of dread spreads over me. It will be impossible to forget the things I saw-it causes me so much pain to think back on it. Robbie has been trying to keep me calm, and to soothe the remnants of the pain in my legs. I am thankful I can at least talk to him, if Alice refuses to speak.

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