Sunday, December 26, 2010


...I checked the newspaper today. There was an article about Brian in it, he's been kidnapped. His house was ransacked, papers, books, and other things were thrown everywhere but only Brian is missing. No doors were unlocked and no windows were broken, and his family say they didn't hear anything. He was making so much progress..and now he's gone. Just..just gone.

The police found only two odd things at the crime scene. Things that were added amongst the books and papers. One was a pair of twelve inch..tailor scissors, the blades doused in blood. Then..then there was this picture that was posted in the paper. I can't..say anything about it.
I don't understand..


  1. Oh god... I don't know what to say why is picture there. Mary talk to me if you have to I will hear...

  2. ..I don't..don't know either..
    I'll be sure to...I don't think I can take this alone..