Monday, December 13, 2010

Roc and Raven

Since I'm now on Winter Break, I decided to take some pictures of Roc and the Raven puppet. The first picture I had to tone down a little because I have a lot of distracting decorations in the background, hence the sloppy editing. Roc wasn't really afraid of the puppet, or at least she didn't hiss at it.


  1. Roc looks so fluffy and cute, I just want to pet her. <3 Though I'm sure she wouldn't like that, lol.
    And that puppet is awesome.

  2. @ EmptyEyes: Yes it is!

    @ Alice: Haha, I doubt she would like that, too (although her fluffiness makes it very tempting). Maybe with some luck, I'll get some sort of use out of the puppet at the day care in the future.