Saturday, July 23, 2011


Something terrible happened last night. I don't know how to explain how or why, but I was in the middle of the forest. It was like a dream with everything laced in a fog, and the terrible smell of rotting flesh filled the air. It disturbed me, and I tried to run and escape from the scene as it unfolded before me, but my legs wouldn't work. They stung with more pain than I have ever experienced; I couldn't even stand up. By this time the fog was beginning to become easier to see through. As it cleared I began to see the source of the horrible smell of rotting flesh. The bodies of the children were staked high up in the trees, but as I looked up at their faces...none of them were in any pain. The remains of their faces showed only smiles and looks of absolute happiness. I can't describe them any more than that, but I wish I had never seen them. I can't tell you how much it saddens me to see such a fate befall them.

But it wasn't over..before me stood four structures that must have been long forgotten. I don't know why they existed, but the more I stared the more a sense of dread came over me. I couldn't look away from them, and even though I wanted to run from this place, I instead dragged myself forward. I crawled toward the four structures, until I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I looked down to find myself in the middle of the charred remains...of the fifth house.
The number five, is this what it means?
In my hand was a sharp shard of glass, and others like it were embedded in the dirt around me. Why was I here to see these horrible things? What was the importance of the burnt shelter, what had I done to be brought here? I received no answers to these questions. Only the terrible sense of dread lingered, and I swear..I swear I was being watched.
I wondered if this truly was a dream, and maybe the children were actually alive. Alive with their hearts impaled, blind to their terrible fate. I never want to see them again, I never want to think of that place again. I realized that the fog had now closed in around me, I could no longer the see trees and their victims. I felt more like I was being watched the less I was able to actually see.
And then I woke up, it just had to be a dream.
Only the burns on my legs say otherwise.


  1. The video Alice titled as "Yonder" has several hidden frames in them.
    00:05 (according to my computer) a frame says "The early bird catches the worm" in professional looking white print. The picture looks like a black bird with a backdrop of grass.

    00:18 Another picture of a bird with white lettering. It looks like the same bird sitting on a fence. This time the lettering is cursive. It says, "The late bird gets to see the moon rise"

    I'm not sure if this means that much to you. The only thing I know is that the first hidden frame is at 00:05. . . so maybe it's important?

  2. @ Anonymous

    It does not surprise me that Alice hid such images within her last video, and I regret that I had not paid enough attention in order to see them. As for their significance, I am unsure. I am sure the message is directed at me, but I do not know what it is Alice is trying to say. I doubt she will be willing to explain it, either.