Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Of Happiness

I am sorry for the lack of updates recently, but with Robbie's sickness and the other occurrences going on I have been distracted. I am happy to report that Robbie is back to normal, and with him in good health I will be able to try and focus on everything else. Nothing has come up yet about the children who went missing at the Daycare, which only unsettles me.
Alice has also remained silent to any of my inquiries on how she has been feeling and if she has been getting along alright. I am worried for her. Even worse, since finding out the hidden picture in the picture she posted, I have been unable to get the number five out of my head. What it means and what its significance is I do not know. Nothing that comes to my mind makes any sense. It is almost as if Alice is toying with me.
On a much lighter note however, I saw a bird today. The first bird I've seen since the owl attack, and it was a welcome sight. It was too far away for me to identify what sort of bird it was, but it fills me with such joy to see the return of the birds to this area. It's much more tranquil and calm with the feathered flocks flying about.

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