Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Day..Again

Today was the reopening of the Day Care. About half the children altogether had left the day care, and I could see why. The police had given out small, vague details about the whole indecent and I guess parents weren't too happy to hear such things. Brian wasn't among the kids there, which I thought was strange until I realized it was Wednesday.

When the children went out to play, we had most of the staff (including myself) out there with them. I noticed the scenery changed around the day care. None of the day care itself was harmed, but the forest near the day care was. The trees nearest the day care looked partly destroyed, their limbs were torn off as if lightning had hit them, or something had crashed into them.  It wasn't like that the day Brian vanished, but I hadn't been near the day care until today. If Brian is at the day care tomorrow, I'll talk to him (but I'll try not to ask too many questions about it all).

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