Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As promised, here are the pictures that Brian showed me. (I'm sorry for the poor quality, I blame my phone. They were a lot better in person). I wonder where or when he took these; I guess he took them in the forest nearby, but as far as I can tell from a distance all of the trees have lost their leaves.


  1. Ummm.... There's someone in the fourth picture... ~Rose

  2. Ah, beautiful pictures... such nice colours. Most trees over here are completely naked now, though they're still pretty with all the snow covering them.

  3. @ Kiki_zeh_Fox: Yes, they are very pretty.

    @ EmptyEyes: Oh? Where? I didn't see anyone.

    @ Alice: It shouldn't be long before all of them here are like that, don't worry.

  4. Lovely pictures. Brian has a talent for thetting the glare as blinding as possible. I jest.

    @ EmptyEyes: I don't see it myself, sorry.

  5. @ Horror: He does, hopefully he'll get get better as he takes more pictures.

  6. @ emptyeyes:

    Actually, I think I can see the trees making a man shaped figure but that's about it.