Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was called in to have my questioning session with the police today, it was all very sudden so I didn't have time to say when I was going. The questions started out normal enough, asking me when I had started working at the day care, as well as what I was doing in school. However, it wasn't long into the interview that the questions became more personal than I had expected. They asked me things like; what were my hobbies? Did I like birds? Did I have any pets? What kind? I was very confused by this, until they handed me a disc. They said that on the disc was a recording they had taken on scene, and they were quite worried for me. I listened to it at the station, and I have to say I am just as worried about it. They also let slip that Brian's scars seemed to be caused by a bird; not a bird like Roc, but a larger kind. I have the feeling they think I'm a strong suspect in this kidnapping. But the following video I made, with the audio recording, proves that I couldn't (and have not even thought of) doing such a thing.

That strange distorted voice that cuts into the sound of birds says; Mary, the trees. Look towards the trees, Mary. It had to have been from the forest, but why or how it was created..I just don't know.


  1. That's certainly troubling. If I hear a creepy distorted voice saying that to me, I'd stay away from trees.

    And given your earlier post concerning a certain tall man in a suit, I think avoiding trees would be a good idea.

  2. This... sounds similar to the voice that came from my radio. I'm not sure you can tell from the low-quality recording I made of it but I heard it with my own ears, and I say it must be the same.

    Ahh... it makes me think that it's the faceless man, but he's not real unless I (we) believe he is.

  3. Now that you mention it, it does sound quite similar.

    Yes, for the most part I had been keeping the faceless man out of my head, after all he's only a fabrication. But I see how it could be him..if he were real, anyway.

  4. nO HeLP HERe. NO hELP THeRE. no HElP ANyWheRE!

  5. @ Hosozukuri: Yes, I think that's what I'll be doing to the best of my ability. Even though I doubt it is the Tall Man, he isn't real, after all.

    @ EmptyEyes: It's very strange....and..what do you mean with your second comment? D-: I'm afraid I don't understand.

  6. I think Lily is trying to say you're not going to be getting any help from the authorities. -Rose